Footprint of a Roman soldier

The cover photo above shows the footprint of a Roman soldier. Those wily Romans knew a thing or two about covering great distances on foot, as such, to follow in the footstep of this once-great, pedestrian Empire must be an auspice of inestimable value.

Not content with the 16 kilometers that awaited them, the team decided to kick the day’s hike off with a walking tour of Leon. Taking in such unforgettable sights as:

A roof
A window


A pillar



Eventually, they tore themselves away from Leon and headed out for Astorga. Stopping at Hospital de Orbigo to marvel at a beautiful 13th Century bridge.IMG-20190526-WA0016

They stopped, also, to talk to Saint James, presumably to ask him for directions.


He told them, in a rather unexpectedly high-pitched voice, “Follow the shells in the road. Follow the shells in the road!” Taking his advice, they left, hoping there wouldn’t be any lions or tigers or bears (oh my!) lying in wait along the road. Bewitching saints and shells aside, the pilgrimage has started well, under auspicious auspices. And, as the Roman soldier might very well have said:


Ad astra per aspera.


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  1. Thank you for the blog…. makes those of us back at home feel we are little bit part of your great adventure..and that without any effort from our part.


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