To understand and reconnect with our stories, the stories of the ancestors, is to build our identities – Frank Delaney.


When walking a trail so drenched in history it is surely impossible for one’s mind not to wonder at how past pilgrims confronted and overcame the daily challenges of such a journey. How did they manage to complete the pilgrimage when faced with illness, thieving bandits, isolation in the wilderness, hunger, thirst? These are questions that can only be understood and answered, in some small way, by those following in the footsteps of these ancestral pilgrims.

However much the pilgrimage has changed superficially, at its core, it remains largely unchanged. It is still a journey of individuals taking a day at a time.

Leaning on others for support.

Strength through fellowship

Admiring the natural splendor that abounds.

Sharing a good meal.

Lunchtime salads

Sharing a joke – and a drink.

“Don’t tell anone, bud thisis gin.”

Or in some cases, not sharing.

“These are all mine. Get your own.”


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Meeting friends unexpectedly. 

Hoping they don’t fall over.



Saturday. Day seven. Some people rest on the seventh day, not our foot-hardened pilgrims. They left their beautiful farmhouse bright and early and set off into the morning. The sun gradually rose behind them as they rose to the challenge of making it through the 32 kilometres that awaited them.

The same sun rises on us as on those ancient pilgrims, casting the same shadows in an eternal cycle through which all are linked.


The day ended with an enormous sense of achievement and anticipation as our pilgrims reached El Amenal – a figurative stone’s throw away from Santiago. Time then, to reflect on the day and prepare for their triumphal entrance into Santiago where they will arrive to no fanfare and no acclaim save that which they bring with them themselves. There is no praise more valuable than that which comes from the self. It is a thing which no one and no thing can diminish. They might not have walked the exact same route, or suffered the same hardships, or faced the same challenges as the original pilgrims, but that is irrelevant. They have shared in the same journey – physical, mental, spiritual – and this is want matters most.

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Good luck on the final day pilgrims!


  1. absolutely fantastic some great photos especially the early morn shadow one. bet nick took that one. you all look fit and well with all that lovely food (those salads look fab) well well done to you all. love nanny


  2. i have been so inspired by these updates. They lift the spirits as to what a group of people with a common goal can support each other to achieve.
    There are lessons for us all, that we achieve more by working together, in good spirits than if we look for divisions and argument.
    I am sure the original Pilgrims would be equally impressed.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for allowing me to follow and share your wonderful journey I only wish I was a bit younger and could have joined you.Some great pictures which I have so enjoyed looking at feeling I was almost with you all.
    If only the world leaders would do a journey like this what a better place we would find this world of ours would find itself in it could not be worse so perhaps a suggestion to all the top people of ALL religions …and those with none might be made could be made to the right quarters.

    Congratulations to you all and God bless you and keep you safe in his hands



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