Arrival – Leon

I have it on good authority that, contrary to popular opinion, the rain in Spain stays almost invariably in the hills. This does not bode well for our intrepid pilgrims, looking at the topology of their starting point (Leon).leon start

I have it on equally good authority that the people not from Spain arrive there mainly on the plane. As can be seen in these photos evincing a naive positivity on their faces.

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Poor, smiling fools, like metaphorical lambs being piloted towards the metaphorical slaughter, blissfully unaware of the sweet pain that awaits them. Will it be worth it? Only time will tell. Forsooth, only time will tell what the rise and fall of each tired foot could mean to each of these brave souls. And, although they tread a, by now, well-beaten path, each hopes (and rightly so) to be bestowed with a deeper understanding of themselves, the paths they tread through their own lives, and their position in the cosmic jigsaw of existence.

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Having thoroughly documented their arrival there remains nothing to do now other than prepare for beginning the trek. Here’s hoping all’s well that begins well.


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